No other city captures the imagination like Jerusalem. Holy to the world’s three great monotheistic religions — Judaism, Christianity and Islam — the Sages referred to Jerusalem as the navel of the world because of its spiritual centrality. Today, Israel’s capital overflows with artifacts of ancient history, and also bursts with expressions of contemporary life. One day a week, our fellows will participate in Ramah Israel’s Jerusalem 360° seminar, an educational program that goes far beyond the beaten tourist path to shine a spotlight on the city’s many complexities. Through a multimodal approach, including field visits, text study, discussions and guest speakers, we’ll grapple with some of the most pressing issues facing Jerusalem today, be they political, social, religious, ethnic, cultural or economic — or any combination thereof.

In addition, you’ll have opportunities to explore the city on your own. Shop in the colorful markets, enjoy the many cultural and social events offered, and engage with the fascinating people who live here!


Participants will live in apartments in one of Jerusalem’s beautiful neighborhoods. You will share an apartment with several other fellows. Every apartment has the essential furnishings for daily life, including Wi-Fi, and is equipped to help you feel at home and get started with your 10-month journey in Israel. The apartment will have major kitchen appliances, a basic supply of cooking and eating utensils. Each room in your apartment will house two fellows. 

*Participants can choose a single room for an extra fee.

Are you ready for the journey?

Teach English in Jerusalem for a year and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn!