The program

Teaching fellowship

By bringing creativity, passion and personality to your work in the schools, you will become a mentor and role model to dozens of Israeli children.

As an MITF fellow with Ramah Israel, you will be placed in one of our local Jerusalem elementary schools, joining the English department as a teacher (if you have a teaching certification) or teaching assistant. The fellowship provides you with a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of your students and school community. Through your formal — and fun — English teaching, your students will gain language skills for their futures, and as a mentor, you will inspire and develop deep and lasting connections with your students and teachers.

You will be working in your school four days a week for approximately 25 weekly-hours. These hours will include tutoring for small groups and individuals, helping them learn key concepts like vocabulary, grammar and spelling, and assisting the classroom teacher.

MITF fellows receive professional training and guidance from the head English teacher in the school, in addition to the ongoing support of the Masa pedagogical advisor and the experienced Ramah Israel staff. Upon your arrival to Israel, you will take part in orientation and training sessions to learn about the program, your role, and the Israeli school system and classroom.


To supplement and enhance your experience and deepen your connection to the Jerusalem community, Ramah Israel staff will work with you to find a community service placement based on your interests, preferences, and the community’s needs. Through this once-a-week volunteer experience you will learn more about the city, meet interesting people, practice your Hebrew, grow, and make a difference.

Volunteering options will fall into a variety of fields, such as social justice, culture, education, and NGO’s.

Ulpan - Hebrew Language Study

 One of the most important aspects of connecting to a place and its people is the ability to converse and speak the native language. MITF with Ramah fellows will participate in a weekly Ulpan (Hebrew language class) that will give you the necessary tools and language skills to get around, succeed in your teaching placement, and manage day-to-day life in Israel. The course is taught by experienced instructors, and participants will be divided into groups according to level.

Enrichment: Travel And Learn

Being an Israel Teaching Fellow is not only an opportunity to contribute to Israel and your students, but also an opportunity to enrich yourself. While on the program you will have the opportunity to explore Jerusalem and Israeli society in depth. Once a week you will meet with Ramah Israel’s top educators, to explore the history and contemporary reality of this amazing place. You will get to know the hidden secrets of Jerusalem as you explore it’s nooks and crannies. During your weekly sessions and a series of multi-day seminars, you will travel around other parts of the country to encounter the culture and people of this 4,000 year-old Start-Up Nation.

Judaism and Spirituality

As an MITF with Ramah fellow, you will be part of the Ramah kehila (community) that is guided by Jewish core values: Jewish learning, Jewish identity, Jewish observance, community, Zionism, and Hebrew. You’ll have the unique opportunity to explore your Jewish identity in the holy city of Jerusalem, the heart of the Jewish people. 

Fellows will experience Shabbat and holidays in different settings in Jerusalem and around the country, and also engage with Jewish texts and values, connecting them to daily life and the teaching experience. Ramah’s Jerusalem location is especially suited to engaging with the plurality of Jewish expression and meeting with leaders of various streams of Judaism.

Are you ready for the journey?

Teach English in Israel for a year and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn!